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terra-di-carus-bistrot a palermo

Typical Sicilian food

directly to your home

bistrot a palermo

Among our products there are organic or biodynamic wines, liquors, sweet wines, craft beers, organic extra virgin olive oil, the best Sicilian salami and goat, cow and sheep cheese, only produced in Sicily.


A healthy alternative to the most famous “pani ca meusa” of Porta Carbone, just 200 meters away.

Visiting M*e means living a trip where taste and tradition merge, but above all supporting our land and sustaining the small and seasonal productions. 

prodotti tipici siciliani - dove mangiare a palermo?

For every moment

A special dinner, a day of celebration, the most important events like Chrismas.


M*e Gift Box


Bring the authenic Sicilian taste on your family table.

Use our gift box and choose your favorite products.

A perfect present


We can ship to a differt address of yours, so you can make a present to your friends or your family

Every product has his own star of quality.


Discover and try all the Sicilian products of our tradition.

The highest quality and healthiest food in just one place,

Everything is selected and made ready for the shipment in every part of the world

Many products to try: pasta, dried fruits like pistachio and almonds, biscuits, sicilian chocolate,
the panettone of Fiasconaro e Dolce&Gabbana and the tastiest Sicilian wine.
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