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Typical Sicilian food

directly to your home

You can taste our exclusive selection of local Sicilian products, choose your favourite ones and buy them. Bring them with you or we will ship them.

bistrot in palermo

Among our products there are organic or biodynamic wines, liquors, sweet wines, craft beers, organic extra virgin olive oil, the best Sicilian salami and goat, cow and sheep cheese, only produced in Sicily.


A healthy alternative to the most famous “pani ca meusa” of Porta Carbone, just 200 meters away.

Visiting M*e means living a trip where taste and tradition merge, but above all supporting our land and sustaining the small and seasonal productions. 

Our mission, two young guys, an organic bistro, Palermo

In our farms, an organic and 100 % natural treasure grows up, based on the weather and the seasons.

The starting point for an ideal trip that will give you knowledge about people, lands, food, firms.

Special guests of this trip are the two guys that have believed in their native land: the Natural Park, the Madonie. At a time when everyone leaves Sicily, they decided to stay, for a common dream, bigger and harder, but priceless.


The organic Bistro in Palermo

Sicilian cooking and tradition in a unique place

Welcome to M*e.

The organic Bistro in Palermo with just very high quality local products


Madonieat represents the authentic, typical and very simple Sicilian cooking.
The celebration of raw materials, very simple ingredients which you will not find anywhere else.    
The best healthy and tasty alternative to street food but also an awesome place with many vegan and vegetarian options.

How was MadoniEAT born?


From the idea of two guys who decided to come back to their beloved Sicily, after studying and working abroad and in the north of Italy for several years. From the choice to believe in their land, their sea, their mountains, their pure and preserved nature.


From the Madonie, exactly in the heart of Sicily, from Cefalù to Gangi, where life is preserving the authentic and old taste of food, where many small villages rise between two of the biggest cities in Sicily: Palermo and Catania.


Thanks to the wish to create an organic Bistro in Palermo, which represents the Natural park of Madonie, the hard work of many small producers and the nice welcoming for our guests, like at home.

The first Deli & Bistrot in Palermo

In the most beautiful Arabic quarter of Palermo, Kalsa, the tastiest organic food of Sicily.

The heart of Sicily on your table.

Every morning our chef cooks muffins with seasonal fruit and typical cakes for breakfast, very tasty fresh salads, baked organic vegetables, main courses like anelletti pasta and vegetarian lasagne for lunch, based on the availability of the seasonal ingredients.

Housed in Butera Palace, MadoniEAT is located in the oldest quarter of Palermo, the Kalsa, near the sea, where once there was the harbour.

And it is only 2 minute walk from one of the most important doors of the city, Porta Felice. This makes its location strategic and very prestigious.

The Butera palace publically reopened in 2018, hosting part of the moving biennial contemporary art Manifesta, thanks to the private investment of two art collectors, Francesca and Massimo Valsecchi. They bought the palace in 2015, renovated it and reopened.

MadoniEAT is located in the same area where you can visit some of the best monuments and attractions of the city: the Botanic garden, Piazza Marina with the biggest tree of Europe, the Ficus, the puppets museum, the Steri Palace.

Contact M*e
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 Via Butera 20, Palermo 90133

 091 752 1749 / +39 329 8831 690 / +39 328 0468 284 


Sede legale Via Calabria 5 90024 Gangi  |  Partita Iva 06676220822