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Discover the natural park

The madonie, a rare beauty 

A place where the time preserve the nature

The Madonie is a mountain chain in the north of Sicily in which comprises the highest tops in the island, apart from Etna. 


The Madonie Natural Park is located in province of Palermo and extends from the Sicilian hinterland to the north coast of the island, arriving to Cefalù through beautiful woods. .

Because of its size, this uncontaminated space hosts more than half of the Sicilian flora, where some species are unique in the Island, such as the “Abies Nebrodensis”, the rarest Christmas tree in the world.

The most beautiful villages in Italy.    

Heritage of Sicily

The oldest villages in the park.

From San Mauro Castelverde to Gangi

San Mauro Castelverde and the famous “Gole di Tiberio” (litterally Tiberio’s throats). Click here and discover this place

Pollina, where the farms still produce manually the manna, which is technically the resin of a particular kind of tree, called Frassino, and that results in an organic and natural sugar. Good for whom has problems of sugar in the blood, very powerful cleaner of the liver and above all an amazing essence for the treatment of the body. Click here and discover this place

Castelbuono, where you can find very organic and very tasty wine, the most famous panettone in the world (Fiasconaro), or the biggest rock festival in the world (Ypsigrock).

Just a bit further, Gangi (the prettiest Italian village 2014) e and Geraci, also part of the most beautiful small villages in the world, from where Etna and the Eolie islands are visible, since the sunrise in the morning.
Many itineraries to visit the Park and the villages.
The air, the weather, the sky and the sea make the Natural Park one of the clearest place in Europe.
The international centre for the astronomic research Gal Hassin is in Isnello, nearby it is also possible to bathe in the natural thermal waters.

Few kilometres away, it is possible to visit the old villages of Petralia Soprana (the prettiest Italian village 2019), and Polizzi, where many artists grew up, such as (the stylist Domenico Dolce of Dolce & Gabbana, the actor Vincent Schiavelli, the movie director Martin Scorsese, the painter Croce Taravella).

But the heart of the park will always be “Piano Battaglia”, with many centuries-old trees, the ski track and several contemporary art installations. Good for ski, trekking, riding a horse or a quad, snowshoeing walking and for, the adventure addicted, many daily and night excursions.

Don’t forget to visit the private contemporary art museum of salt, open on Saturdays in Raffo, 4 floors underground. An amazing visit in the biggest salt mine in Sicily.

Madonie+Eat Palermo.

The best of our land 

Madonieat is a shop windows and corner shop of the Natural Park in Palermo.

In our store more than 95 % of the product, are packaged fresh and come directly from the park, the other 5 % are Sicilian excellences.
MadoniEAT want to see to the future starting from the old land of the Park

What are the links between MadoniEAT and the natural Park?

1. Quality.
Looking continuously for the best producers, that use organic processes to work the land, MadoniEAT is able to guarantee the best selection of the highest quality and tasty food in the island.
2. Uniqueness.
Every firm has a true singular story, related to its producers and products., many of them can be found and tasted just in our store.
3. Clear prices.
Our prices are very competitive, because we balance the cost of research with the saving of sales network, knowing directly the producers.

4. Warranty
You can be sure that our products are organic, natural and very healthy.
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