I ship comfortably to your home

"Being able to taste our Sicilian products and not buy them would be a capital sin, which I don't want  make our customers suffer. "

marmellate tipiche della sicilia
prodotti tipici della sicilia - tumminello

Why buy my Sicilian products?

prodotto tipico siciliano escargots.gif

T he quality walking together with producers.

The selection of excellent organic branded producers is the basis of Madonieat's work.

In this way the customer can know not only the history of the product but also of the manufacturer.

Travel through the spaces of the showcase, listen to the stories of the producers,

ask for the advice you need, and choose what you want to take with you.

I can  to ship our products throughout Italy  typical as long as they have a long shelf life.

My intent is to guarantee the Sicilian tradition on the table and truly bring you the essence of the taste of our land.

"Buying typical Sicilian products on Madonieat is synonymous with guarantee,

of healthy and tasteful eating. "

Each product has its own quality star.


Discover all the typical products of Sicilian gastronomy.

The best traditional agri-food products

in one place,

selected and prepared to be shipped.

All over Italy.

The typical products of  Sicilian culinary traditions are marked with a quality star.
The star of Madonieat.
  From almond paste, to hard wheat paste,
from martorana fruit to dried fruit,
from biscuits with ancient grains to Scillato oranges.
I repeat it.
Comfortably in your home.
The best Sicilian agricultural production on your table

The Madonie as well as being an inland area of Sicily  magical and rural, they are also a land to be savored.​  With a packaging dedicated to deliveries  or gifts, Madonieat ships in Italy and abroad.

Inside you can choose from fresh seasonal or daily for deliveries,  to organic packaging for shipments.

Let's talk about honey, jams,  high quality pasta, biscuits, wines and beers,  premium extra virgin olive oil. Products that are difficult to find in the supermarket.


Cheeses are definitely the main dish,  from the  provolone from Madonie,  with fresh yogurt, with mountain ricotta of the day.


Even the bread is selected and made with  ancient grains of Sicily, a growing sector on the island.  Fruits and vegetables are always in season.  Must of winter the oranges of Scillato,  but also Sicilian Avocados  and lemons from Bagheria, less known,

but qualitatively like those of Amalfi.

Take M * e with you
Comfortably at your home, shipments throughout Italy.

Guarantee the Sicilian tradition and the essence of taste on the table.

A choice of taste.

A special dinner, a milestone to celebrate, the Christmas holidays and more.


M * and Gift Box


Bring the authentic flavor of Sicily to the table in my customizable Madonieat gift box.

A perfect gift.

We can also ship to another address,

to send the products you have chosen as a gift to your friend or relative.

We currently do national shipments,

but we also have a development model for international ones.

Shipping throughout Italy.