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The grapes, after being harvested in the "cruveddi" were unloaded into large wicker baskets, "I cancidduzzi" which were placed on the backs of mules or horses; his journey continued inside the millstone through a window called "finistruni" and discharged into the "slope", a slightly inclined plane where the "pisatura" pressing took place: I Pisaturi, bare-legged or with big shoes holding on to a rope that went down from the ceiling so as not to slip, they pounded the grapes


Grapes: 60 % Nero D'Avola 40% Frappato di Vittoria


Alcohol content: 13,5% vol


Color: Ruby red color with violet reflections


Nose: Hints of very ripe blackberries and raspberries and hints of spices such as licorice and cocoa


Palate: Intense and full-bodied


Abbinamenti: It goes perfectly with both fruit-based desserts and blue or medium-aged cheeses


Vinification: Steel for 12 months and bottle aging for nine

Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG Organic Natural Wine

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    VillageVittoria (RG)Format750 ml


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