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Cucunci are the fruit of the caper plant.

Cucunci are perfect for personalizing a series of dishes. They, for example, are often used in salads, to which they give a unique taste. Many appreciate cucunci on a slice of toasted bread, or instead of peanuts in aperitifs.

Cucunci contain high levels of quercetin and rutin; the first is a flavonoid known for its antioxidant, diuretic and antibacterial properties while the second strengthens capillaries and blood vessels.

Capers and cucunci today are part of the list of traditional Italian food products (PAT) of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (Mipaaf) as typical Sicilian products.


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The caper is a shrub plant widespread in the Mediterranean basin. The aromatic properties are contained in the flower buds, commonly called capers. Used in gastronomy for millennia, they are collected still closed and preserved in maceration in salt or vinegar. Capers are usually used to flavor dishes and go well with a wide variety of foods: from meat, to fish, to pasta.

Cucunci - caper fruit

  • CompanyGio.Ni - Sapori del sudVillageSclafani Bagni (PA)Format314 ml

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