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Vellutina beans, a name that derives from its small and thin red skin tending towards purple which resembles velvet. This type of red beans are among the most digestible, they are also rich in minerals and trace elements, they help the formation of enzymes useful for the liver and act as a natural detoxifier and diuretic.


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Legumes in Sicily tell a very ancient story made up of men and work as well as meals traditionally referred to as "poor" but in reality very rich in nutrients and vegetable proteins. These crops have always been used in the rotation models adopted by farmers. In the footsteps of Sicilian legumes, you follow an itinerary that from the province of Ragusa crosses the whole island, reaching the territories of Trapani and passing through Ustica. In the municipality of Villalba in rotation with durum wheat, they constitute the hub of the local economy.

These, together with many other local varieties, constitute a real natural heritage that bears an equally intangible heritage that tells us about recipes, work in the fields and hearths always ready to offer a hot soup.

Vellutina beans - 400 gr

  • Company Messina Farm

    Village Villalba (CL)

    Format 400 gr

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