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This delicious oily fish par excellence meets the harmony of olive oil to give life to tender anchovy fillets. A Campisi specialty,
Our anchovies are caught and seasoned for no less than 5/6 months, then cleaned, filleted and put into jars by hand with order and accuracy according to the ancient Sicilian tradition and then covered in delicate olive oil.

Campisi extra anchovies are excellent eaten alone or as a sauce for pasta and salads. Excellent as an aperitif with bread or on pizzas and focaccias.


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The places where the Campisi company operates are places where the landscape, art and culture merge to give life to a set of traditions that have followed one another for millennia, giving shape to a unique landscape of rare beauty. The sea, the countryside and the people who live in these places have defined their typical characteristics; being captivated by the colors of the light, the flavors and the landscapes of these areas is really simple.

Anchovy fillets in an airtight jar| 200gr

  • CompanyCampisi Salvatore S.R.L.VillageMarzamemi (SR)


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