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Giuggiulena is a Sicilian nougat made from Ispica sesame (Slow Food Presidium) and honey that is processed in keeping with the authenticity of our historic recipe.


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The giuggiulena is the first nougat in history, composed of sesame and honey; probably born in the Mediterranean basin even before the coming of the Arabs to Sicily its preparation and consumption are widely attested in different areas of North Africa, Sicily and Calabria. Particular is the history of this giuggiulena, which originated in eastern Sicily at the hands of a company that renewed the form of this dessert by unknowingly drawing on tradition. On the advice of an employee of Turkish descent, a spiral shape of nougat is rediscovered, designed precisely to keep it from sticking to processing and storage surfaces.

Giuggiulena Bio

  • CompanyAruciVillageRosolini (SR)


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