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Grappa Barricata dell'Etna Giovi is made from selected grapes that ripen along the slopes of the volcano. As per ancient tradition, Nerello mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante and other fragrant white grapes embellish the organoleptic profile of this special distillate, enhanced by aging for ten months in old French oak barrels. A warm and enveloping grappa with excellent structure and persistence.


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Amber yellow is the color at first glance. The nose initially recalls both flowers and fruits, then veers to spicy and tertiary hints, such as vanilla and licorice. The palate is of excellent structure, enveloping and warm. The persistence is also excellent.

Bottles produced 1000

Sicilian grappa from Etna Giovi barricade

  • CompanyGiovi S.R.LVillageFondachello (ME)Format500 ml


  • Distilleria Giovi, established in 1987 by Master Distiller Giovanni la Fauci, is based in Valdina, in the province of Messina in Sicily, in an area that enjoys the temperate de Tyrrhenian climate that opens to our view showing the natural beauty of the Aeolian Islands and Cape Milazzo. The raw materials distilled come only from the best wineries in the Sicilian wine scene; the fruit is sourced from the crops found on the slopes of Mount Etna, and the pomace comes from Pantelleria, the Aeolian Islands, the province of Marsala, Noto and other Sicilian areas famous for viticulture. The distillates fully and harmoniously reproduce the characteristics of the raw material used, enhancing its aromas and aromatic pleasantness to the maximum.

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