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The Lonza di Suino Nero is an artisanal cured meat obtained from the loin of the Sicilian "black pig of the Nebrodi" skilfully worked by our craftsmen. It is less fat than other cured meats and therefore ideal for those who want to enjoy a little pleasure without sacrificing their physical shape. Try it as an appetizer in combination with a slice of toasted Sicilian ancient grain bread together with typical cheeses and a good glass of red wine.


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The Black Pig of the Nebrodi is a small-sized pig with a dark coat raised in a semi-wild and wild state in large areas used for grazing. It is a native Sicilian species, very similar in features and behavior to the wild boar. Frugal and resistant, this breed has seen a considerable reduction in the number of animals in recent years. Farmers have very small holdings and, in most cases, are also processors. Their products are artisanal, excellent in terms of manufacturing and properties of the meat.


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Shipping of this product is NOT permitted to Canada, Switzerland, the United States and Japan.

Black Nebrodi pork loin - 200gr

1 Kilogram
  • CompanyPunto CarniVillageVillafranca Tirrena (ME)Price per kg24,00 €/kg


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