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Sicilian natural almonds


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The almond in Sicily landed with the Phoenicians and its use later spread to the Greek colonies. It was used in cooking for the preparation of delicious sweets but oil was also drawn from it, which, from the Middle Ages onward, was sometimes substituted for the more expensive olive oil. At the beginning of the last century the province of Agrigento was the world's leading producer and the almond was the main source of income. To this day in spring there is the "almond blossom" festival that covers the Valley of the Temples in a delicate white and pink mantle similar to that of a bride heralding spring. The most famous type is Pizzuta di Avola, the most elegant of all almonds, unparalleled in shape and taste. Very flat, ovoid and regular, it is perfect for the finest confectionery but also for the preparation of Sicilian sweets. All the sweets that are prepared hark back to the Arab world and the Asian origins of the almond. The use of the almond for the preparation of sweets is very wide, every province or, even, every city uses this exquisite fruit for the realization of typical dishes.

Sicilian natural almonds - 500 gr

  • CompanyAz. Agricola OrlandoVillageBaucina (PA)Price per kg19 €/kg




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