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Catarratto is our grape. For us it represents the vine of the most ancient tradition. It has always been grown in our territory, and in the past it was very rare to find it outside this area. Munir has a great responsibility to continue the tradition of our fathers. All our farmers cultivate it, precisely because of the deep bond that has been created over the years.


Grapes: Catarratto


Alcohol content: 12,5% vol


Color: straw yellow with greenish reflections.


Nose: very fruity with notes of wildflowers and citrus.


Palate: well-structured wine with a long and persistent finish.


Matching: Ideal to accompany seafood cuisine, it is excellent to be paired with linguine with clams.


Vinification: The grapes are harvested by hand and transported to the cellar in small baskets, where they are de-stemmed and crushed. Subsequently, the decant must is decanted and added with naturally fermented must (prepared in the previous days with grapes from the same vineyard). Fermentation lasts about 20 days at a temperature of 15 ° C. Subsequently, the wine is aged for the winter and the following spring in steel before bottling.

Munir | Organic Natural white wine | Val Di Bella

  • Company

    Val Di Bella

    VillageCamporeale (PA)Format750 ml


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