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Crunchy and fragrant products with organic Sicilian ancient wheat flour. Excellent as a snack, for a delicious cocktail or to accompany a light meal.


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Sicily boasts 52 species of autochthonous grains also defined as "ancient grains" and which guarantee excellent quality and properties. The ancient Sicilian wheat varieties are very rustic, have a more robust root system that coexists well with weeds and uses the soil efficiently. Studies have established that Sicilian grains would contain a higher percentage of lignans, substances of natural origin contained in cereals and some vegetables that help us maintain a healthy heart, strengthen the immune system and fight some cancers. Using ancient grains for food means using grains that are generally organic, because they are produced by small companies that control the supply chain meticulously and produce niche and quality products. They are also grains that contain a very low gluten content, therefore suitable for everyone.

Integral Paper Toasted Bread - 180 gr

  • CompanyForno MonastraVillageCastell'Umberto (ME)Format180 gr


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