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Craftsmanship of raw materials selected in Sicily without the addition of additives or preservatives.


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One of Sicily's oldest economic activities was trade, practiced in part through the use of oil and vinegar as natural preservatives.

The town of Cerda, which has always based much of its economy on the production and trade of artichokes, celebrates the artichoke for an entire weekend, around April 25. The artichoke is so important to the people of Cerda that they have a monument in the shape of an artichoke in the main square.

To this day, it is still a family ritual to prepare seasonal vegetables and preserve them to have the flavors of summer available all year round by reinterpreting recipes and producing vegetable-based preparations to be used as pleasant condiments. Jams, pates, and pesto are year-round condiments that will allow you to be able to accompany your meats, cheeses, and bruschetta with the essence of Sicilian summer.

Artichoke pate from Cerda - 212 ml

  • CompanyGio.Ni - Sapori del sudVillageSclafani Bagni (PA)Format212 ml

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