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Sfoglio is a typical sweet from the Madonie Mountains, a natural park in the heart of Sicily. From its disputed birthplace between Polizzi and Petralia, it is a very special dessert that can tell the story of an entire territory. Legend has it that it is a dessert invented by nuns, in one of the many convents where the history of the Sicilian confectionery tradition has been written.


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This dessert is also the subject of an amusing diatribe between two towns in the Madonie Mountains, Polizzi Generosa and Petralia Soprana. Polizzi Generosa claims paternity of the dessert because it is "inherent in the tradition, history and culture of the town by organizing since 1994 the town of Polizzi, in the summertime, organizes the sfoglio festival" Petralia in turn counts it among its traditional desserts in when once it left the monastery it was reproduced there as well. Every day wherever there is a sfoglio on display it is possible to run into inhabitants of Petralia or Polizzi discussing the origin of this sweet, which is produced, to the delight of the sweet tooth, in an excellent manner throughout the Madonie aera.

Sfoglio of the Madonie

  • AziendaPasticceria BraccoVillagePetralia Sottana (PA)Price per kg18 €/kgWeight approx800 gr


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