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Tuna roe is a food made from salted and dried tuna roe. It can be served as an appetizer or as a staple food for traditional recipes, such as the famous spaghetti with bottarga. It is also used for the preparation of canapés, a more rustic and economical alternative to caviar, or enjoyed alone, cut into thin slices and dressed with extra virgin olive oil, possibly with artichokes or celery


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The places where the Campisi company operates are places where the landscape, art and culture merge to give life to a set of traditions that have followed one another for millennia, giving shape to a unique landscape of rare beauty. The sea, the countryside and the people who live in these places have defined their typical characteristics; being captivated by the colors of the light, the flavors and the landscapes of these areas is really simple.

Grated tuna roe - 35 gr

  • CompanyCampisi Salvatore S.R.L.VillageMarzamemi (SR)


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