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Caciocavallo from Palermo (also called Scaluni) is one of the oldest cheeses in Sicily. Its name, "caciocavallo" is due to the drying, which took place across an axis. It is a stretched curd cheese with a characteristic parallelepiped shape with a square section and rounded corners. The taste is pleasantly spicy and persistent and has a straw-yellow colour, compact or with slight fissures. The rind is thin, smooth, golden yellow in colour. Aged and semi-aged goes well with red wines, while the fresh goes best with white wines.


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Caciocavallo Palermitano is the undisputed star of Sicilian cuisine. From cacio all'argentiera, to 'mbuttumate aubergines up to sprinkling on macaroni.

Palermo Caciocavallo with oregano BIO | Cow cheese - 400gr

  • CompanyAz. Agriola Barreca VincenzoVillageGeraci Siculo (PA)Price per kg19,90 €/kg


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