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Cocoa, cane sugar and aromas from the organic and fair trade supply chain. The ingredients of the chocolate produced in our laboratory are one of our points of excellence:

  • high quality: they are all organic, from recognized varieties of cocoa (forastero) and sugar cane (panela and muscovado)
  • healthy ingredients: unprocessed cocoa mass, refined and whole cane sugar, no added additives
  • great care in processing: all the spices are ground into the dough, the Sicilian citrus fruits are prepared in our laboratory for drying and pulverizing, the dried fruit (almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts) is added by hand not into the dough but into the molds which are reserved exclusively for this production, so as not to contaminate other bars
  • they are all traceable back to the producer, whom we know directly


The traditional chocolate contains only the cocoa butter present in the cocoa bean, therefore it has the lowest fat content of any other chocolate. We have a fully traceable and guaranteed supply chain.


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Cocoa: the long transformation to become edible

Cocoa is a fruit about 30 cm long and 15 cm wide, it contains between 40 and 50 seeds which, as soon as the fruit is harvested, must be extracted and left to ferment for two or three days in fermentation tanks. At the end the seeds are dried in the sun. Only after drying can they be exported. Like coffee, in order for the cocoa aroma to emerge, they must be roasted at 100°. At that point you can remove the thin skin that covers them and they can be ground. From the grinding that takes place with a slight heat that brings out the cocoa butter, a flour is not obtained but precisely the mass or cocoa mass, the main ingredient of Modica chocolate.


Cane sugar: a syrup in crystals

The sugar cane is cut in the field, taken to the mill and cold pressed. The juice obtained from it is very sweet and refreshing. It is enough to boil it with the addition of lime and pour it on a steel shelf, moving it continuously so that it does not compact, to see it crystallize. It is a wholemeal juice, very rich in iron, potassium and fibre. This is the most whole sugar we use, the Mascobado (variety of the muscovado cane from the Philippines) or the Dulcita (panela variety from Ecuador). With other stages of refining we obtain the clearest cane sugar imported from Paraguay. Cane sugar, unlike beet sugar, is not bleached, which is the chemically more aggressive and most harmful step.


The aromas: spices and Sicilian products

All the ingredients we add are natural and we do all the preparations that concern them, we don't even use essential oils, but we grind the spices directly into the dough. For the citrus fruits, we peel the fruits one by one, dry the peel, pulverize it and put it in the dough, toast the hemp seeds, sesame seeds and dried fruit. We put the salt in crystals and the manna in grains.

Organic Modica Chocolate | Orange 60 g

  • CompanyCooperativa Sociale QuetzalVillageModica (RG)Formato60 gr


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