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Apricot jam from Scillato, a Slow Food presidium with a surprising flavor due to its intensity and pleasantness. Handcrafted, in full respect of raw materials grown without additives. Produced in the heart of the Madonie in Sicily, it is perfect for breakfast or for delicious but healthy snacks.


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Sicilian apricot jam is an exceptional product. Handcrafted exactly as it was made at home, it has nutritional characteristics that make it indispensable for a healthy, well-balanced breakfast. To spread on bread made with ancient Sicilian grains, ideal for filling homemade cakes, to use as a topper for cold yogurt or fresh ricotta cakes. Also superb in aperitifs to accompany pecorino forgmaggio.

Scillato apricot jam - 220 gr

  • CompanyTerre di CarusiVillageScillato PA)




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