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Color: Straw yellow with golden reflections
Perfumes: notes of aromatic herbs, citrus and flint
Taste: enveloping, fresh and sapid, characterized by marked minerality and persistence
Alcohol content: 12-13% Vol.
Service temperature: 10°C
Ageing: Bottle refinement: 30 days


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White wine that is born on the slopes of the largest volcano in Europe, a UNESCO heritage site, in a fertile soil rich in mineral salts, where the sun and the climate mean that, from grape varieties such as Carricante, Catarratto and the Minnella generates an Etna DOC wine, fresh and elegant with extraordinary flavors and colors, with floral aromas and citrus notes.
Our label is a tribute to the painting by Salvatore Incorpora, a Calabrian painter and sculptor who died in Sicily.
Theme, the triumph of the grape, with the walls "a siccu" in a harmonious dance of stones, in the background a snow-capped volcano that erupts and in the air one perceives the expectation for a sublime and intoxicating wine full of sun. Next to the image, the verses of Santo Calì, a Sicilian writer, who address his peasant ancestors overwhelmed by the oppression of the noble masters.
His is a poetic break that penetrates the taste and the scent of the straw-colored white. Braille has been added to the bottle in solidarity and support for the blind.

The particular geographical location with an altitude that reaches between 750 and 900 meters in its highest part, makes the territory the main element that differentiates it for typicality and uniqueness.
Thanks to the exposure and the altitude, the result is a late environment characterized by strong temperature variations. Open to innovations and experiments, the cellar aims for excellence starting from the vineyards, whose monitoring is aimed at understanding their phenolic maturity and therefore the right harvest period.

Etna Bianco | DOC Wine

  • CompanyCantine PatriaVillageCastiglione di Sicilia (CT)Format750 ml

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