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Artisan martorana fruit, produced with 100% Sicilian BIO almonds. The preparation and artisanal production takes almost 5 full days to obtain the finished product:

1st day: preparation of the dough and rest for 24 hours to make it compact

2nd day: the so-called dough is cut and the shapes are made. These too must rest 12 hours after being created.

3rd day: the coloring takes place which in the case of several multicolored fruits, take 12 hours per color, allowing each layer to dry.

4th day: retouching is carried out, which will be dry after another 12 hours.

5th day: then the polishing takes place which will take another 6 hours to dry completely.

Packaging can then take place.


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According to a well-known tradition, the fruit of Martorana was born because the nuns of the monastery of Martorana, in the historic center of Palermo, to replace the fruits collected from their garden, created new ones with almond flour and sugar, to embellish the monastery for the visit of the pope of the time.

Its history then joined the Sicilian tradition and every year, in the week of the commemoration of the dead, in the houses where traditional sweets are still prepared, you can smell the unmistakable smell of homemade Martorana.

Martorana Fruit - 150 gr

  • Company: Biscottificio Mocciaro village: Cefalù (PA)

    Format 150 gr


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