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Provola delle Madonie is a typical Sicilian cheese produced only with milk from cows grazing semi-wild in the Madonie area, with an artisanal manufacturing process. With a stretched and white paste tending towards straw yellow, very soft and compact and a sweet and delicate flavour. It comes in the form of a pot-bellied caciotta, also beautiful to display.


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Provola delle Madonie is inevitable in a Sicilian aperitif, perfect in combination with wine creams, jams and a good glass of Sicilian red wine for a homemade appetizer that smells of Sicily.

Madonie Provola | Cow cheese - 300gr

1 Kilogram
  • CompanyAz. Agricola Barreca VincenzoVillageGeraci Siculo (PA)Price per kg18,90 €/kgWeight approx300 gr


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