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Craftsmanship of raw materials selected in Sicily without the addition of additives or preservatives.


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In Sicily there are real collective rituals around the tomato. From harvesting to consumption via preserves capable of maintaining its flavor and essence throughout the year even during the winter months. Sauce, for example, involves all members of the family: those who wash them, those who prepare the pot for the fire, those who collect glass jars. Extract, on the other hand, is produced by drying tomato sauce in the sun, but also in the oven. This results in its own concentrate to be used by diluting it with hot water. Sundried tomatoes, on the other hand , are obtained simply by sun-drying tomatoes to be used rehydrated with hot water year-round

Tomato sauce

  • CompanyGio.Ni - Sapori del sudVillageSclafani Bagni (PA)Format447 ml

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